hungry-girl-usWHO WE ARE

Community Cares is a registered 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Food Bank.  We are 100% volunteer run.  Currently, we have a 6 member Board of Directors and about 8 volunteers that help out with our daily needs.  We are based out of a small warehouse in Lakeville, MN.


Community Cares picks up and delivers food to more than 20 food shelves and churches in the 7 county area as well as some locations outside of this area.  We make daily pickups of groceries, produce, breads and misc items from donors and redistributes the goods directly to churches, food shelves and families that are in need.  We also feed the homeless and hungry every Thursday and Friday night in Minneapolis.


Meeting people’s needs, one family at a time.

Our primary service area is “South of the River” but we also reach out to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area as well.


We are a working warehouse moving an average of 50 tons of food per month to fight hunger in our communities.  In addition, we’re also helping to provide food to feed the homeless in the greater Twin Cities area.


Demands continue to increase in our communities.  Currently, we serve 100′s of individuals and families in need.  Many of those we support are accessing these food resources for the first time.  We have many expenses involved with this organization to get feed to the needy.  Rent, utilities, gas, insurance and many more expenses add up quickly.  Currently it costs us around $8000 per month to meet these expenses.  We need financial partners to help us meet these needs.

YOU CAN HELP NOW550898_236505496475578_595828047_n

We kindly ask for your partnership with us in providing life-saving food for these individuals.

Your donation can make a huge impact!

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